The Church of England in Tenterden
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Seeing Christ in the World .... Being Christ in the World

Growing in Faith


All God’s people are on a lifelong journey. We offer informal and formal opportunities for lifelong learning which aim to grow God’s people, and to encourage all to develop as disciples of Christ. See what we have to offer and contact us if you would like more information.



​Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey where those who have been baptised (christened) as children make a firm commitment to Christian discipleship. We hold confirmation preparation sessions every year.



We also hold an Alpha Course every year. It is open to everyone who may be interested in discovering what Christianity is about.

Home Groups

​A number of home groups meet throughout the year, some weekly, some monthly, offering a mixture of care and support, Bible study, conversation and prayer.


Quiet Days and Retreats

​Quiet days (a single day) and retreats (usually a weekend, but sometimes longer) are exactly what they sound like – the chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest and just ‘be’ in a welcoming, peaceful place. So if you wish for some quiet time, want a weekend to develop your interests, long to know more about prayer, need some time for reflection away from work or family, or want to deepen your spiritual life, then a quiet day or retreat might be just for you.


Learning Days

​From time to time we run learning days, which enable us to discover more about the Bible or some aspect of the Christian faith. Learning days may sometimes extend to a number of sessions held over several weeks.


The Prayer Tent
​On the first Friday in every month, we come together as a Benefice to pray.

Prayer Tent is held in St. Mildred’s Church. The evening starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm.

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