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Emanate (issue, originate (from a source)) is the name given to all the youth groups – hence we have a Friday Emanate and a Sunday Emanate and also an Emanate Band.

Emanate is aimed at the 11 to 18 year olds (from school year 7 upwards).

Friday Emanate is a youth club, which runs from 7 to 9 pm in the Glebe Hall in Church Road. We have club nights which means x-box or wii; table tennis; pool and table football; listening to music and chatting to friends. Sometimes we have visiting speakers, such as a local policeman and community warden, or a games night (Empires or Assassins are popular); and when the weather is good we have messy games. This includes doughnuts, marshmallows, jelly and custard and chocolate!

We also organise outings, such a bowling in Ashford. We have also been to the climbing wall at Woodchurch.


Sunday Emanate is a Bible Study group on Sunday mornings in the Glebe Hall, which runs at the same time as the 9.30 am service in St. Mildred’s. On third and fifth Sundays we join the congregation for Communion. Emanate runs on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays in the month, and 5th when they occur. We cover Bible stories as well as issues that affect teenage Christians growing up in a secular world.

Once or twice a year events are organised that draw the Friday and Sunday Emanate youth together, such as team building at the Swattenden Centre at Cranbrook or kayaking at Bewl Water.


Canterbury Diocese put on youth events throughout the year and we join them as and when we can. The high-light of the year is the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage, which is an event organised in Canterbury Cathedral for all youth groups throughout Canterbury diocese. In 2009 and 2010 Emanate walked all the way from Tenterden to Canterbury, which gave them a huge sense of achievement to accomplish the 28 mile walk over just two days. Other years we have walked a mere 4.5 miles!

Easter Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral 2013



A group from Emanate, guided by Annette & Russell Parkin, set off from St Mildred's Church on Easter Sunday, with a blessing from Bishop Trevor during the 9.30am service - and a promise to join them on Easter Monday for the last few miles from Chartham to the Cathedral.

Braving what can only be described as very wintery conditions, with an icy bitter wind, snow flurries and temperatures falling below zero, the group made cheerful progress to their overnight stop at Chilham. An early start the next morning, saw their arrival at the Cathedral in time for the Youth Service at 12 noon and the chance to meet up with other 'pilgrims' from around the Diocese.