The Church of England in Tenterden
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Seeing Christ in the World .... Being Christ in the World

Our Schools


Infant School

Tenterden C of E
Junior School

St. Michael's C of E Primary School Homewood School & 6th Form College


Our Four Schools in Tenterden and St. Michael's


We enjoy a very close relationship with Tenterden Church of England Junior School and St. Michael’s Church of England Primary School. Although Tenterden Infant School and Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre are not church schools, we also work closely with both. The values we uphold as Christian churches in Tenterden (among them, service, wisdom, reverence and forgiveness) are shared by all our school communities. In particular, we try and help the two Church of England schools to develop a distinctively Christian learning environment, improve children’s educational experience, and translate the name Church of England into a difference in the classroom and the playground.


Students from all schools regularly visit our churches; and ministers and other members of the congregation are familiar faces around the schools, contributing to school life in all sorts of ways.


Our Primary Schools   Homewood School
& 6th Form Centre

We have three primary schools within our parishes:

  • Tenterden Infant School,
  • Tenterden Church of England Junior School,
  • St. Michael’s Church of England Primary School.

Our Vicar, Lindsay Hammond, is a school governor to both Tenterden Junior and St. Michael’s Church of England Schools.


Tenterden Infant School has collective worship once a month and, although the school isn’t a Church of England school, our Ministers are involved in the life of the school.


Ministry Team led assemblies are held at Tenterden Junior School once a week and there are other services held in the Church throughout the year.  A group has been recently set up called CAST – Church and School Together, which actively promotes greater connection between school and church.  There is a children’s corner at the back of St. Mildred’s Church to display school work.


Likewise, St. Michael’s School has a Ministry Team led assembly once a week and has recently set up a group to bring St. Michael’s church and school together.



A New Initiative

– Christian Schools Worker!


Several ago now an initiative was launched to provide a Christian Schools Worker to go into Homewood School. Churches in the Homewood catchment area were approached to pledge money towards this venture. To enable a trust to be set up to finance a worker - initially for three years but now extended for a further 3 years - churches pledged support, along with personal pledges. The initiative soon gained momentum.


Following advertising and interviewing, Nathan Wilson was appointed as Christian Worker for Homewood School and commenced in this new post in April 2012. He also works with Emanate and participates in services at our churches.


Our thanks to Sally Lees (Principal of Homewood School and Sixth Form College) for having the vision and Alex Bienfait for following that vision through by enthusing all the local churches.