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Book Stall



St. Mildred’s Bookstall is immediately on the left on entering the church. It has Bible Study books, biographies, and advice for families, amongst many others. During Lent there is always a special display of appropriate books. We can order any Christian book on request.


Pocket-sized booklets are popular: for example, one explaining the story behind the Holman Hunt picture “The light of the World”. In addition, there are prayer cards, bookmarks, notelets, key rings and fridge magnets – all suitable for small gifts.


The right hand side of the bookstall is for children. It has Bible story books, and colouring books and pencils, amongst other things.


Two stands display a range of greetings cards for most occasions. Each includes a Bible verse. The yellow stand has birthday cards.


We operate a self-service system. Purchases may be made whenever St. Mildred’s is open. All books contain a small brown envelope for the payment which should be posted in the slot of the safe which is opposite the font. There are usually some spare envelopes by the books. Money for cards should also be placed in the safe.


Most of our books are obtained from Tonbridge Christian Book Centre, on a sale or return basis. This shop stocks thousands of books. We visit regularly and usually head for the “Newly Published” and the “Top Ten” sections.


Maureen and Glen Peacock

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