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St. Mildred's Church Tower Team



We meet every Monday evening to practise, from 7:30-9pm and each Sunday morning prior to the service from 9-9:30am. We also ring before Evensong on a Sunday evening when required. There are between 6 and 10 regular ringers but we would welcome anyone who feels they need a new challenge in their life! We are all at different stages, and are very supportive of each other no matter how well or not we ring!


During the summer months mainly, and occasionally at other times of the year, we are asked to ring for weddings. This requires ringing for half an hour before the bride arrives and then for approx 10 minutes at the end of the service.


Throughout the year, there are monthly meetings where a different tower hosts a time of ringing, a service and then a super tea. The ringing continues until 9pm. This is a good opportunity to meet people from other towers, to ring on their bells (every tower is very different) and to gain experience.


There are several competitions throughout the year too. There is a call change competition which is usually in September. In May there is a striking competition and the winning tower from this goes on to represent the district in a further competition. These competitions are using 6 bells, but there are more advanced competitions which use 8 bells.



About twice a year and on special occasions we attempt, usually successfully, to ring a peal – ringing the bells just over 5,000 times each in the space of about 3 hours according to a particular “method” that changes the order of the bells in each “round”. We also ring quarter peals; which as the name suggests are much shorter and only take about 45mins to complete.


We have a New Year meal each year, when we meet at one of the restaurants in Tenterden. This proves to be a very relaxed evening after the festive season and a chance to unwind before another busy year ahead!


If you are interested in coming along one Monday to see what we do, please contact Sue Childs, tel no. 01580 761157. We would be delighted to see you.