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Flower Teams




Our three churches are blessed with groups of volunteers who decorate them with wonderful flower arrangements.


Different seasons and occasions throughout the year are cleverly represented by the displays. Many of the flowers and much of the greenery are generously provided by the volunteers, sometimes from their own gardens. The arrangers all work on a rota basis, coming together for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Flower Festivals. For weddings or funerals special arrangements can be requested, or the family can do the flowers themselves or have them done professionally. St. John’s Church run occasional flower arranging classes led by Judy Davis.


Our flower arrangers are friendly, happy teams and would welcome newcomers. No professional experience necessary, just a passion for flowers and a willingness to help.


To find out more please contact:


St. Mildred’s   – Jo Everett 01580-766327

St. Michael’s   – Fiona Barnes 01580-762384

St. John’s       – Mary Finniss


Flower Team at St. Mildred’s


We are a team of about nineteen people who are all volunteers. We work on a rota system and each person arranges flowers in the church for about two weeks at a time, twice a year and during special festivals. Arrangements are maintained in the Nave, the Lady Chapel and the War Memorial.


If there is a wedding or funeral we can do special arrangements by request, or the family can do the flowers themselves or have them done professionally. We are a friendly and happy team and would welcome newcomers. If interested please phone Jo Everett on 01580 766327.





Flowers at St. John’s


Weekly flower arrangements have for many years been provided at St. John’s, Smallhythe, by a dedicated team of ladies led by Mary Finniss (a former Churchwarden), in many cases at the volunteers’ own expense.


For special occasions, such as weddings or the August Flower Festival, the regular team of ladies is assisted by others from surrounding villages who attend flower arrangement classes supervised by Judy Davies. We then supplement the usual lectern and chancel flowers with arrangements attached to the pew ends, displayed on stands or placed on the prominent South window cill. For these events the church is filled with a wide variety of flowers in many colours. The Festival theme is always “A Country Church in Bloom”.

The last Flower Festival was the August Bank Holiday Weekend – 25-27 August 2012. The next will probably be this year - 2014 - at the August Bank Holiday Weekend.



Flowers at St. Michael’s


A small group of ladies (6 in total) under the guidance of Fiona Barnes arrange flowers in St. Michael’s. Fiona sets up a rota and we each do a 2 week slot. The flowers are provided by the arranger except for Festivals when they are purchased in bulk and we all help to decorate the church.