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Brass Cleaning


Polishing the St. Mildred’s Lectern



The lectern in St. Mildred’s was a gift from Colonel Dampier Palmer in 1899 as engraved on the base of the pedestal. There is some fine carving detail of feathers on its breast and under its wings which can be troublesome in brass cleaning as the cream seeps into many of its fine lines. However, kitted out with Brasso/toothbrush/polishing cloths it comes up bright and gleaming every time. At present we have a team of 6 who take it in turns to clean it every week, but we have been as low as 3, so we welcome any volunteer to a rewarding job. If you would like to join us, contact Gwen Hudd 01580 763704.



Polishing the Brass at St. Mildred’s


We are one of the six-weekly teams of Brass Cleaners at St. Mildred's. Despite what one might think cleaning the brasses is an interesting and rewarding task. Visitors often comment on how lovely the church looks with flowers and shining brass and we are pleased to be able to help in keeping it beautiful.


Follow us as we walk round with polish and dusters. In the North Aisle is a plaque in memory of Frank William Spain Elliott who was killed at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898 which saved Sudan "from the tyranny of the Kaffir and his Fanatical Religions"! In the South Aisle the bookstall is in memory of Eric Fletcher whom older members of the congregation will remember. Further on we find Admiral Drury, a former mayor, who served in the Royal Navy for 52 years and lived in "Homewood", now our secondary school.


Windows are in memory of William and Anne Waterman and their children, the Curteis family (a well known Tenterden name, one of whom founded St. Michael’s Church and School), and Elizabeth Burra. Sadly the organ key lock brass plates are in disrepair!


On to the Altar ornamental rails where we can kneel to do them - perhaps an appropriate attitude to be in! A Choir pew has a small plaque to Harold Austen "for many years Cross Bearer". The Lady Chapel has plaques in memory of Monice Lionel Man, Vicar 1924-43, and Betty Marcon (wife of the Reverend Sholto Marcon) who was Mothers' Union "Enrolling Member" (Branch Leader). Also in the Lady Chapel the Mothers' Union banner's brass fitting divides the pole so that it can go to Deanery and Diocesan services.


Then to the Vicar's stall commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Nearby a plaque records the gift in 1899 by lames Dampier Palmer who lived in Heronden Hall, of the Choir seats and screens, the pulpit, the lectern and Chancel screen. Another plaque marks the erection of a cross above the Chancel screen provided by E. Milne as a memorial to sailors and soldiers killed in the 1914-18 war. (this cross was removed many years ago following extensive damage by woodworm). Finally the Choir Hymn Board commemorates another former mayor, Edith Adams.


It is a privilege to look after these memorials of faithful members of our Church, together with those who clean the eagle and lectern. Would you like to join us??


Liz and Roger Champion

       01580 762892














Polishing the Brass at St. Michael’s


We have a team of two brass polishers – Hilary Farthing and Janet Goodwin. We polish the brass in St. Michael’s once a month. It looks lovely when newly polished. We are always on the lookout for additions for our team, so if you feel this may be for you, please contact Hilary Farthing (01580 762026).