The Church of England in Tenterden
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Each of our three churches is governed by a Parochial Church Council (usually referred to as the “PCC”). Each is chaired by the Vicar and consists of the Treasurer of that church, a Secretary (elected from among the members) and members elected annually at each church’s Annual Meeting (usually in April). Additionally, the Deanery Synod members from each church are ex-officio members of that church’s PCC.


Each PCC meets up to 5 times a year to conduct the business of their church. Members of each congregation are encouraged to serve on their PCC. If you feel so called you should fill in a nomination form (to be found at the back of your church) and if 2 persons are willing to nominate and second you, submit the form to your church PCC Secretary in time for your Annual Meeting.


The PCC Secretaries are:



St. Mildred’s

  Tara Smith

St. Michael’s

  Carol Stevens

St. John’s

  Doreen Mackey