The Church of England in Tenterden
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Seeing Christ in the World .... Being Christ in the World



The 3 churches of the Benefice in which we worship are all beautiful historical buildings. But they cost money to maintain and to heat and to light. The Benefice annually contributes a quota to the Diocese, the majority of which covers the stipend of our Vicar. We have other part-time permanent staff who are paid directly by our Benefice. We give to a number of charities and missions – and this represents over 10% of our expenditure.


To meet these costs we are grateful for and entirely dependant on the generosity of our congregations. Many give to our weekly collections – by open offerings, or through our envelope system. Others give through standing orders.


Those who pay income tax can increase their offerings by 25% at no cost to themselves if they complete a Gift Aid Declaration. This can be arranged through their Gift Aid Secretary (click here to find their contact details). If you have not yet completed such a Declaration we urge you to consider doing so. Your Gift Aid Secretary would be more than happy to answer any questions.


We are also grateful to people who remember us by a legacy in their Wills. For those interested this is a straightforward matter that can be easily arranged through their Solicitor.


We are humbled by and grateful for the incredible generosity shown by the members of our congregations and we thank God for this. Through this we are able to meet all our costs and to give generously to charities and missions.