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Sound Systems & Big Service Sheets


Sound Systems


All our 3 churches and St. Mildred's Church Hall are equipped with sound systems including induction loop to assist hearing aid wearers.


That in St. Mildred's Church is a particularly versatile system and at the main 9.30 am services, as well as at weddings and funerals, it is run by an operator.  We have 5 operators, so normally each only has to be on duty one Sunday a month. We are always on the lookout for further operators, so if interested please contact Paul Ryley, telephone number 764355, or Neil de Villiers, telephone number 765868, or any of the other operators. The 9.30am services are recorded on cassette tape which is made available to those not able to get to the services. The sermons from the 9.30am and 6pm services are recorded and made available on our website - Click here to find them!.


Large Type Service Sheets and Notice Sheets


Our Service Sheets for the main services and our weekly notice sheet Pew News are also available in a large type format. Please ask the welcomer at the door if you would prefer this.