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Baptism Baptisms, Weddings<br />and FuneralsBaptism 28/08/2012
Bellringers Church<br />GroupsBellringers 14/04/2016
Bereavement Support Worship &<br />ServicesBereavement Support 04/10/2015
Book Stall Facilities<br />AvailableBook Stall 30/09/2013
Brass Cleaning Church<br />GroupsBrass Cleaning 05/09/2012
Child Protection Children and<br />Young PeopleChild Protection 14/02/2015
Children 3-11 years Children and<br />Young PeopleSunday Club 03/01/2014
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Current Needs! Get<br />InvolvedCurrent Needs! 01/10/2015
Daily Prayer Calendar Worship &<br />ServicesDaily Prayer Calendar 13/04/2016
Deanery Synod Church<br />GroupsDeanery Synod 26/08/2012
Disabled Provisions Facilities<br />AvailableDisabled Provisions 06/01/2016
Events in June, July & August What's <br />OnEvents in June, July & August 22/06/2016
Flower Teams Church<br />GroupsFlower Teams 24/05/2016
Funerals Baptisms, Weddings<br />and FuneralsFunerals 29/08/2012
Giving Get<br />InvolvedGiving 22/03/2016
Jane Austen Connection History of<br />the ChurchesJane Austen Connection 10/07/2012
Men's Breakfast Programme 2013 TopMen's Breakfast Programme 2013 06/01/2013
Men's Breakfasts Church<br />GroupsTenterden Men's Breakfasts 21/01/2016
Ministry Team Who's <br />WhoMinistry Team 19/05/2016
Mothers' Union Church<br />GroupsMothers' Union 30/08/2016
News from St John's TopNews from St John's 22/12/2013
News from St Michael's TopNews from St Michael's 27/11/2013
News from St Mildred's TopNews from St Mildred's 21/03/2013
Next Messy Breakfast Church Children and<br />Young PeopleNext Messy Breakfast Church 21/05/2016
Our Schools Children and<br />Young PeopleOur Schools 30/04/2015
Parent & Toddler Group - Tenterden Children and<br />Young PeopleParent & Toddler Group - in Tenterden 22/03/2016
Parent & Toddler Group, St Michael's Children and<br />Young PeopleFor Parents & Toddlers - in St Michael's 31/03/2015
PCC Church<br />GroupsPCC 22/03/2016
Re-Ordering of St Mildreds Church TopProposed Re-Ordering of St Mildreds 28/08/2013
Regular Dates to Remember What's <br />OnRegular Dates to Remember 13/04/2016
Regular Pattern of Services Worship &<br />ServicesRegular Pattern of Services 07/01/2016
Sound Systems & Big Service Sheets Facilities<br />AvailableSound Systems & Big Service Sheets 30/04/2015
St. John <br />the Baptist, Smallhythe History of<br />the ChurchesSt. John the Baptist, Smallhythe 27/08/2012
St. John's Church How to<br />Find UsMap to find St. John's Church 19/08/2012
St. Michael & <br />All Angels History of<br />the ChurchesSt. Michael & All Angels 27/08/2012
St. Michael's Children and<br />Young PeopleSt. Michael's 22/03/2016
St. Michael's Choir Church<br />GroupsSt. Michael's Choir 30/08/2012
St. Michael's Choir Worship &<br />ServicesSt. Michael's Choir 30/06/2012
St. Michael's Church How to<br />Find UsMap to find St. Michael's Church 19/08/2012
St. Michael's Food for Thought Service Worship &<br />ServicesSt. Michael's Food for Thought Service 18/11/2015
St. Mildred's History of<br />the ChurchesSt. Mildred's 28/03/2013
St. Mildred's Choir Church<br />GroupsSt. Mildred's Church Choir 03/10/2012
St. Mildred's Church How to<br />Find UsMap to find St. Mildred's Church 19/08/2012
St. Mildred's Church Choir Worship &<br />ServicesSt. Mildred's Church Choir 18/09/2015
Sunday Friendship Lunch Church<br />GroupsSunday Friendship Lunch 16/08/2012
Tenterden Church Schools Charity Children and<br />Young PeopleTenterden Church Schools Charity 17/12/2013
The Administrative Team Who's <br />WhoThe Administrative Team 20/04/2016
The Library Facilities<br />AvailableThe Library 19/08/2012
The Magazine Facilities<br />AvailableThe Magazine 23/03/2017
The Nelson Connection History of<br />the ChurchesThe Nelson Connection 27/08/2012
The Prayer Tent Worship &<br />ServicesThe Prayer Tent 22/03/2016
The Worship Group Worship &<br />ServicesThe Worship Group 03/10/2012
Toilet Facilities Facilities<br />AvailableToilet Facilities 24/05/2016
Traidcraft Stall Facilities<br />AvailableTraidcraft Stall 17/08/2012
Treasurers & Gift Aid Secretaries Who's <br />WhoTreasurers and Gift Aid Secretaries 16/09/2014
Used Stamps & Used Postcards Facilities<br />AvailableUsed Stamps & Used Postcards 12/06/2012
Volunteer to Help Get<br />InvolvedVolunteer to Help 10/01/2013
Weddings Baptisms, Weddings<br />and FuneralsWeddings 03/01/2016
Wednesday Lunch Club Church<br />GroupsWednesday Lunch Club 22/03/2016
Women's Breakfasts Church<br />GroupsTenterden Women's Breakfasts 31/12/2013
Worship Group Church<br />GroupsWorship Group 30/08/2012
Worship Group Email contact Worship &<br />ServicesWorship Group Email contact 14/10/2013
Youth 11-18 years Children and<br />Young PeopleEmanate 22/03/2016
Youth at St. Michael's Children and<br />Young PeopleYouth at St. Michael's 29/09/2015

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Growing in Faith Quick LinksGrowing in Faith 22/03/2016
Hiring St. Michael's Church Side Aisle Quick LinksHiring St. Michael's Church Side Aisle 18/11/2015
Hiring the Halls Quick LinksHall Bookings Diary 2013 30/03/2015
Hiring the Halls Quick LinksHall Booking Form for a Single Event 12/03/2013
Hiring the Halls Quick LinksHall Booking Form for Regular Use 12/03/2013
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Sermons - St. Mildred's Quick LinksSermons - St. Mildred's 14/10/2015
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The Parish Magazine The Parish MagazineThe Parish Magazine 04/07/2016
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