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The Friends of St. Mildred's






The mighty fifteenth-century tower of the grade-one listed Parish Church of St. Mildred, Tenterden, forms a beacon on the crest of Tenterden ridge. Visible on all approaches to the town, the church tower is very much a symbol of the community.


The Friends of St. Mildred’s (formed in 2014) is an association of local people who, whilst not all necessarily regular worshippers at St. Mildred’s, appreciate the value of the Church at the centre of our busy town. The aim of the Friends of St. Mildred’s is to raise funds for the repair, restoration and maintenance of the Church.



To find out more about the Friends of St. Mildred’s, or to join, download the brochure here.



Summer Drinks Party

3rd July from 6 - 8pm at Ingleden Barn, Swain Road

The Friends of St Mildred's are holding a Summer Drinks Party on 3rd July from 6 - 8pm at Ingleden Barn, Swain Road. Existing Friends are warmly invited, together with those who would like to become a Friend. To enrol, or find out more, please email friendsofstmildreds@gmail.com.



Past Friends’ Events:

Once again the Merry Opera Company started the Friends of St Mildred’s events season on Sunday 6th March with an opera that entertained, amused and moved the audience - Puccini’s La Bohème. It is
considered by many Puccini’s finest score, and since the opera is laid in the Parisian Latin Quarter, home of student gaiety and pathos, it laughs as well as weeps.
The Merry Opera Company has always given us an approachable and entertaining production, and their La Bohème had a light touch of comedy which sparkled with merriment, then offered the depth and eloquence of love.


Please look out for information in the Church Magazine, this web site, Pew News and the
local press for further details of Friends’ Events – which will be circulated nearer the events.