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St. Mildred's - Redesign Consultation



Internal Redesign – Consultation


To deliver the church’s mission for the local community St Mildred’s church building not only has to be at the heart of the community but also have the community at its heart.


To achieve this the inside of the building needs to change to make it more welcoming and provide a flexible space which can be more easily used by the church and the community as a whole for worship and a   variety of other events.  These changes need to take place in a way which does not harm the historic value and beauty of the church.


The PCC have developed a number of concept proposals and now need your help to decide how to move forward.


Full details of the proposals are available here......


Your views are important


Let us know what you think of the proposals.  What do you like or don't like?  Have we missed anything?




Comment by 1 July 2016


Please send any comments:


By Email to:



Or using the form below - Click here to go to it


Or by Letter to:


Parish Administrator

St Mildred’s Church

Church Road, Tenterden,

Kent TN30 6AT


Comments must include your name and address.


Other Events


The proposals will be on display in St. Mildred’s church until 1 July 2016.


Members of the Church will be available to talk about the proposals in the church at the following times:


Saturday 28 May, 4 June and 11 June between 10am and 12 noon.

To send us your comments by email:
Please use the form below to provide your comments to us