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Proposed Re-Ordering of St Mildreds





Why spend time, energy and money re-ordering St Mildred’s?

We have come up with three reasons.


  1. To enhance our worship of God


St Mildred’s is, first and foremost, a place of worship and has been so for hundreds of years. We want to make St Mildred’s as good as it can be for the purpose of the worship of the people of God in the 21st century. We believe that the changes we propose will improve the quality of the internal environment and enhance our worship: they will make St Mildred’s more comfortable (new, high quality seating), warmer (a new heating system), and brighter and more beautiful (a new and imaginative lighting system). We also think that the seating should be flexible, and that an audio visual system should be installed, so that we can accommodate different forms of worship.


2. To offer the hospitality of God


We want St Mildred’s to be a place where everyone feels welcome and experiences the hospitality of God. In this we share in Christ’s own ministry of hospitality. Welcome and hospitality are human activities, of course, but it helps if we have a church building that allows us to do that to the best of our ability. We would like to introduce a servery, so that people can enjoy hospitality together after worship, and so that we can more easily host other community organisations and events. Better lavatory facilities are a key part of the project. These new facilities would be accommodated in a newly-built extension adjacent to the north wall of the church.


3. To build the Kingdom of God


Finally, we want St Mildred’s to be a place that is embraced by the whole community. This means opening our church to greater community use, which in turn means that it has to be a place in which people feel comfortable and which possesses modern facilities for community events. By opening St Mildred’s to the community of Tenterden we shall draw more people into this historic place of worship and so help to build the Kingdom of God.




What we propose is nothing new. Over the centuries, St Mildred’s has changed dramatically. Galleries and pews have been removed, doors blocked up, interior walls plastered and painted, vestries, lighting, heating and lavatory added. Buildings have always been adapted and refurbished to meet the needs of the worshippers of each generation, and what we enjoy and value today is the best of the original as well as the needful changes of subsequent ages. 


St Mildred’s now stands at just such a change point. Much prayer, reflection and consultation is taking place so that, if people desire it, a scheme may emerge that is welcomed for its sensitivity and appropriateness. 


Lindsay Hammond

August 2013



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